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The Littoral Clinical Research Institute (IRCL) is a private clinical research organization specializing in interventional studies in the field of natural health products and nutraceuticals. The institute also offers a support service for biological studies and longitudinal registers of rare diseases.

Our story

The IRCL was founded in 2020 after four years of clinical research as SCF Pharma.
SCF Pharma is a Rimouski company that specializes in the development of nutraceutical products. The company set up a clinical research department in 2016 to pursue the development of its patented products, namely omega-3 monoglycerides (MAG-EPA/MAG-DHA).
In 2019, an agreement was reached with the Optilab laboratories of the Maria and Rimouski hospitals to have access to the health network's analysis directory. In 2022, IRCL joined the network of networks (N2) as a member in order to provide its team with the best training in clinical research.
Since 2023, the IRCL has offered its services as a satellite site for research on rare diseases. Currently, Gaspé residents with a rare disease must travel several times between 6 and 12 hours to participate in a research protocol, yet several elements of these protocols can be carried out in a satellite site such as the IRCL.
The IRCL wants Gaspé residents to have the chance to contribute to the development of innovative therapies as participants or by working at the IRCL.


Support for your studies

• Feasibility assessment & budget
• Drafting & preparation of source documents
• Ethical and regulatory submissions
• Registration in the directory
• Execution of participant visits
• Data cleaning and compilation

Clinical site for your multicenter studies

• Natural health products
• Biological studies
• Rare disease registry
• Epidemiological studies
• Phase IV studies

Satellite site for rare disease research

• Protocol-specific questionnaires
• Blood sampling
• Follow-up of adverse events
• Vital signs and other nursing interventions

With a satellite agreement, delegation, protocol-specific training, and source documents are provided by the main site.

Good to know

• Our professionals combine more than 40 years of experience in clinical research
• IRCL is a member of the Network of Networks (N2)
• IRCL has its own SOPs
• The NEMO software was created for the management of IRCL data, projects, and training.


Aide financière

Financial aid

Quebec is allocating $187,000 to two marine biotechnology companies that are developing products to slow the aging process.

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Anne-Julie Landry

Anne-Julie Landry, M.Sc, D.E.S.S.

Director of Clinical Operations

Samuel Fortin, Ph.D

Samuel Fortin, Ph.D

Scientific Director